Friday, January 18, 2013

Fooled by the impostor cat

Remember this moment?  (You know 3:50, the one its stubbornly not starting at?)

It's happened over and over again in film... Twins, separated at birth, suddenly run into each other and *GASP*
"You're me?  I'm you? ...Is this a mirror?"

One evening this week I opened my front door to empty out a water bucket on the street and I noticed that my cat Daisy had snuck out behind me.  I called her and coaxed her back in.  She was a little resistant, as always, because going out the front of a house is an adventure seldom granted to my cats, and they usually roll around in the dirt a while before coming back in.

Anyway, as soon as she passed into the hall, I shut the front door and went back to the living room, though I noticed she had stayed in the entrance area, sniffing everything.  Cats don't sniff as much as dogs, but they do tend to check out everything around them....but usually not a familiar space.  She sniffed her way to the living room.  No sooner than my suspicions arose, they were confirmed:  an identical cat jumped back in the house from the balcony on the other side!

And there I had it-  the movie moment when my cat Daisy discovered her doppelganger!  Neither of them liked it very much, by the way.  Backs hunched, teeth baring, both cats looked ready to attack.  I drove out the double out just before they drew claws!

Daisy (horrified!)
Daisy's doppelganger - hair lifting as she realizes she's in the wrong


  1. En Valparaíso, con la cantidad de gatos que hay, era probable que en algún momento ocurriera e incluso vuelva a ocurrir xD

  2. I actually LOLed when I read that on Facebook.

    I was in Valpo over the weekend, but it was a crazy baby meet family, family meet baby weekend. Let me know if you come this way, otherwise, I might go there again in a few more weeks.

  3. wow, kitty doppelganger! And good point, by Marmo!