Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Though I would've settled for half-priced sushi

When you heard "fun things to do,"  getting a little volume boost was what first came to mind, right?

I found the link on a friend's facebook wall. I'm not especially against the idea of plastic surgery, breast implants, or near-naked models.  In fact, I'm a big supporter of companies advertising their services in a truthful, respectful way, which, given the nature of the product in this case, is bound to be scrutinized a bit regardless. 

Even so, this still struck me as a little odd and definitely not the type of thing I'd expect to see when I click over to the page.  I've never used Groupon or any of its copy-cats which have gathered a pretty decent following in Chile over the past couple years, but I've always thought I might.  
Well, some other day, I guess. 

Edit (April 9th, 2012): Another good find this week... 

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  1. Well, this is one service I don't need, but if I did, I don't think that I would consider a Groupon for it! Not that I don't enjoy a bargain, but I'd be really leery of any surgeon who's advertising like this and willing to cut his fee by almost 90%.