Friday, February 24, 2012

How to get a Brazilian Tourist Visa

Title shortened from: How to get a Brazilian tourist visa for American citizens at the Brazilian Consulate in Santiago, Chile.

I wanted to do this post because travel to Brasil from Chile is fairly common in the expat community, as well as for study-abroaders...both groups which I have constant contact with, and therefore I am asked the same questions fairly frequently about this process.  Unfortunately, the information is not easily found online and communicating with the consulate in Santiago can be somewhat complicated, so from now on hopefully I can just link to this post and not have to retype or rely on my memory.*

If you are a United States citizen/passport holder (regardless if you have residency & a carnet in Chile) you will need the following things: 

  • A book to read while you wait in line
  • 1 Application form, which you can fill out and print at , they do have a computer in the office where I have seen people doing the form there...though I wouldn't leave it until then! 
  • 1 "passport sized" photo.  (Can be taken and printed at Kodak or other photo stores for around $2,000 for 4).  Do this the day before, as waiting for stores to open the morning you go to the consulate will set you back in line. 
  • 1 photocopy of the photo ID page of your passport
  • 1 Photocopy of your plane ticket or the confirmation page that lists the information and dates  
  • 1 photocopy of your credit card itself (front and back).  They requested NOT to black out the numbers. 
  • 1 photocopy of a bank statement that lists the available funds for the credit card (statement and photocopy must be for the same card).  
  • $$ Money!  (commenters say its currently at $112,000 CLP) 
  • Your passport itself 
  • Photocopies of your tourist card (small paper given when you entered, if applicable) 
Disclaimer:  requirements WILL change with time, so please double check 
You can call the consulate 10am - 1pm at this number: (2)820-5800.  (Put 56 before it and include the 2 to call from Skype). However, I have never had anyone pick up when I press the number for English, and when I call in Spanish they haven't always known what to tell me United States citizens need.

You will need to take these things to the Brazilian Consulate in Santiago, located at 6191 Los Militares. Tall building, 1° Piso (Metro Manquehue).  Enrique Mac Iver 225, 15th Floor.   They only will accept visa applications between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm.  However, there is usually a long line, and sometimes not everybody will get in even though you are on time because they only process a certain amount of tourist visas each day.

I recommend you get there before 9:00 am in order to get a good spot in line.  (Edit: commenters lead me to believe its gotta be much earlier than that!)  It'll probably be better off in the end to spend (at least) that extra hour waiting before they open than more than that, or possibly not get attended at all, if you show up later.   When you get to the 15th floor, people form one long line regardless of the type of paperwork you need done.  When the office opens, they begin allowing people in the office and giving them a number.  There is more waiting inside until your number is called, and there are various counters that do different types of processes, so once in a while they will call people in out of their spot in the original line if a particular counter is free, for instance asking if there are any Brazilian citizens that need paperwork done or signed.

You will need to give them all the above requirements. They'll give you a bank deposit form which you need to take to the BCI around the corner, pay, and return to the consulate immediately with the payment receipt. You do not need to wait in line after going to the bank, simply knock on the door, and wait near the counter of the person who processed your application until (s)he frees up for a second.

The consulate will give you a slip and keep your passport for usually 7 days (they will tell you an exact date of when to pick it up).   When you come back to pick it up, you will go to the same place, wait in the same line, though when your number is called it is a very fast exchange of your slip for the passport and that's it.

The new tourist visas for American citizens are valid for 10 years.  It is still valid if your passport expires within that time; you just need to travel with the old and new passport in order to show the visa.

*Unfortunately, I've made 6 visits to the Consulate at the crack of dawn all the way from Valparaiso.  Learn from my mistaken visits and do it right the first time! 

Did I forget anything important?  Has something changed since I wrote this?  Any other advice???   Please leave a comment for future readers. 


  1. I want to go to Brazil soon! I'm glad it worked out for you and that you had a good time :)

  2. Hi Lydia,
    Great post. You need to add some sharing buttons to retweet or put on Facebook here (unless I couldn't see them).
    Rob W.

  3. Sara- GO! enough said ;-)

    Rob- thanks for visiting! You know, I haven't actually considered putting those on before.. I guess I'm not really sure how they work. I don't use Twitter (but I suppose I wouldn't really mind if other people mentioned/linked/etc this blog on there).

    I don't, however, want this blog attached to my facebook page. I sometimes throw up links on there and that'd be fun if others did too, however I dont really want them officially connected (I'm thinking of Kyle Hepp's site...where people can actually post on her site from facebook)... I'm not sure if that's what the site does or not. When I have a moment to breathe I'll try to look into them! I very much appreciate the suggestions!


  4. nice post.informative... thanks for sharing details


  5. great post. thank you!

    quick question. either I'm doing my math wrong or this visa is gonna cost $200. I thought it was $160 US but 98,000 pesos is way more than that. Porque?

  6. FYI everybody, the US just upped the price for Visa's for Brazilians so this just kicked up the fee for Americans up to 112,000 Chilean pesos instead of 98,000. Ouch!

  7. Mel,

    Sorry I didn't get back to you yet, when I saw the message you left I wasn't actually able to log onto the site to respond (then I forgot a few days until your new message reminded me). Oops!

    Anyway, thank you for updating about the new fee. That must have been a recent change. In general, the fees we pay for visas reflect the fees the US asks of citizens of that country..... However I have not always felt that those fees have been converted correctly to CLP. I don't know in this case what the deal was because I never heard about the original value in USD.

    Have a fun trip if thats why you found your way to this page...

    1. Yeah, I think they're converting it wrong....but on purpose perhaps???? I know in Argentina it's exactly $160 converted into Argeninean pesos. And if you pay for the visa back in the U.S., it's the same, exactly $160 unless you put on rush on it or don't get it from one of their main offices. I just think they're doing it cuz they can. Lots of things in Chile don't make any sense to me. :-)

  8. Years ago they told me I owed "100 dollars" but made me pay "70,000 CLP." This definitely was not the exact translation.

    Anyway Mel, I enjoyed a quick breeze through your Chile posts. I especially enjoyed the random tidbits that made me realize what a freaking small world this is, given that I don't think we ever met.

    When I say small, I mean everything from me showing up in your Judas video, to you posting a picture with an ex-roommate, to another of you with my boyfriend hahahahha. Are you still around or have you moved on?

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  11. J.j. luceno...

    1. I have seen the place you are talking about, though they don;t do tourist visas.
    2. you need to pay the fee to the bank instead of directly to the consulate, the consulate will give you a little slip/form to take to a specific bank next to the embassy. the bank should accept various typical forms of receiving money, including cash. I cant imagine why the website would say that, maybe its worth checking out with a phonecall because that sounds odd to me and if this is a new rule you;ll need to know what theyre expecting instead.
    3. yes. you need the bank statements for a tourist visa too.
    4. i would assume that if they got their visa in a time crunch, they had a very serious conversation with the staff to get this done. I dont think its the norm or expectation for them to do special favors, though it wont hurt to ask! (though make sure you are very clear and get a clear answer... a misunderstanding will complicate your plans to leave after 3 days).

    i hope you have a good trip . Did you see Mel;s comment about the increase in the fee?

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  13. Cool! Brazil is a good nice country to visit with and I am sure many travelers wants to go there. Glad that you've share this guide for easy way of getting tourist visa. Very helpful. Thanks!

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  14. Thanks so much for this post, Lydia.

    My wife and I have been traveling for months so Santiago was our only option to get the Brazil visa -- you don't want to know how many other Brazil embassies we emailed to see if they offer rush service! (Unanimous 'no' on that one.)

    I followed your advice to the letter, and it went smoothly this morning.

    A couple of notes for those in future who may find this post:

    - We arrived at 8:40 and were 4th in line, 2nd among those applying for tourist visas. The line started to back up around 9:30, and there is a sign on the wall saying they only accept 15 tourist visa apps per day.

    - There's no public bathroom (that we found, anyway) in the building, so be warned if you're going to go early and wait for a long time!

    - You can submit applications for immediate family members. My wife was there with me, but I handled the whole interaction myself. Another girl we met there had applied for her parents and was picking up the visa.

    - The instructions above covered everything I needed, EXCEPT they wanted photocopies of the little form you fill out at the border and keep with your passport. Wasn't a big deal, though -- they asked that I make copies when I was out paying the fee. There's an internet cafe with a photocopier on Mac Iver on the opposite side of the street from the BNI where you pay the fee.

    Thanks again. With this monster (mostly) behind me, I'm looking forward to a day in Valpo later this week...

  15. Psa1.... thanks for that update! A girl who found my blog and later met me in person asked if there might be any new information to add....this answers the question!

    Thanks for pointing out about the tourist card photocopies. I forgot completely to mention it because I am a resident in Chile and therefore it didn't apply for me, but I bet other people who read this will be travelers.

    Hope everything works out well in the consulate, Valpo, and later Braziiiillllll! ;-)

  16. Hey - thanks for this post! As a Canadian & Chilean permanent resident, going to try this tomorrow. Does anyone have experience using the Brazilian consulate in Valpo? That would be more convenient for us.

  17. OK - so here is our experience... went Monday (yesterday) and arrived at 0830h, to be #17 in line. We were turned away because they process only 15 Visas a day. They sent away LOTS of people. At one point the lineup stretched down the stairs 3 floors. There was a lot of disorganization - desperate people who had been several times or were travelling soon, yelling, pushing to the front, and NO ONE was being helpful.

    Went back this morning at 0525h. Was #2 in line when we arrived - however the person ahead was carrying 5 applications, so were were effectively #6. Another person arrived shortly after us, who had been paid to hold a place in line for someone 'brokering' applications.

    The details of what is needed & the actual process are totally accurate above - just be prepared for a complete NIGHTMARE at the Embassy. Good luck for the FIFA World Cup & the Olympics, because this is a joke!

  18. OKe Millet! Thanks for the update.... I get a number of hits on this page (honestly I think my post has more information than the consulate hahahah so that's not really so odd)... so its good to know that the information is still up to date.

    I have heard recently a number of times about people being kind of "placeholders" or being paid by multiple others to do the paperwork for them, therefore they could take up a number of the spots allotted for each day... so the moral of the story stays: GET THERE EARLY! ;-)

  19. This is an awesome post - thank you.

    For those of you that went recently - how long did it take to process your visa? I have a trip for work I need to make the week of February 4, and I didn't realize it was such a process to get one here in Chile. Also, I feel it is a bit risky to buy my ticket since it's may not be feasible to get my visa by the date, but I read that I need to bring a copy. Any guidance on that?

    Lastly, anybody know how to get a broker to stand in line? It almost sounds worth it!

  20. This is truly a good post, but too bad I hadn't seen it before going to the consulate today. Went today with all documentation but didn't realize that arriving just before 10 was too late. One guy there told me he lined up outside the building at 4 am and was still #3 in line. My wife and I tried pleading with he guard whilst our baby was screaming to no avail. Even tried offering people money for their numbers but the were no takers. So this confirms the above posts...go early, especially in the summer time. I plan to try again on Monday and line up at some ungodly hour with a small pack of red bull.

  21. Thanks for the helpful post! Here's one more story (so far). Summary: The above blog post is excellent; follow all instructions to the letter. The cost of the visa is now 112.000 pesos. Overall the experience is long, stressful, boring, tiring, and expensive.

    - Monday. Researched online. Found the Brazilian Consulate for Santiago Web page. Unfortunately could not find any info there about visas. Found a Web forum listing the hours of operation for visas (apparently 10am to 1pm), online visa form, and phone numbers. Filled out form and printed form receipt. Tried unsuccessfully three time to call (trying both the Spanish and then the English options), but always got a recording then a hangup. My significant other then tried twice, and got through on second call. Receptionist confirmed 10 am to 1 pm time frame. Also found the New York Consulate Web page, which had recent information. I assumed the cost for the visa in Santiago would be the same in New York, $160.

    -Tuesday. Arrived at 10.30 am. Saw a big line. Was told by security guard that the line-up begins at least a half hour before handing out of numbers at 9.45 am. Also saw sign on wall stating they attend to 15 visa requests per day - first come, first serve. Later searched the Web some more, and found the above helpful blog post. Then printed the copies of passport, tourist card, flight info, and credit card statement with available balance. Planned on arriving before 9 am to secure my spot in line.

    -Wednesday. Arrived at 8.40 am. Number 11 in line. From above blog post I knew to find out if there were any couriers in line. I asked, and everyone answered, no. At 9.50 am the security guide handed out numbers. Unlike the sign says, there were only 12 numbers. An American woman ahead of me requested three numbers. Since she had three passports with her, she got them. I politely asked her why she didn't tell me she was filing more than one application. Her response, "I'm not a courier." The guy ahead of me, and about 10 people behind me, could not fill out visa applications. Many frowns.

    -Thurday. Arrived 7.20 am. Number 6 in line. All were faces in line with me day before. Asked one by one how many passports each had. Answer was one each. Waited until 9.50 am for my number, 6. At 10 was called into waiting room inside office. At 10.20 submitted materials. The official wanted my passport, a photocopy of my passport, a photocopy of my Chilean tourist card, a photocopy of my flight receipt and itinerary, and a photocopy of my credit card statement with available balance. Then given the deposit slip for the BCI bank around the corner. I had to deposit 112.000 pesos and immediately return the stamped deposit form. I asked why there was a difference between the $160 New York and Buenos Aires Brazilian Consulate fees. The official's answer was the fee is 160 Reales de Oro, and the exchange rate is 700 Chilean Pesos per Reales de Oro.

    Was told to come back in 13 days to pick up my passport. A couple that needed their passports more urgently for were able to move up the wait to 10 days.

    In summary, not a fun week. Hopefully all goes well from here.

  22. Okay I just went to get my Brazil tourist visa 2 days ago! And as of last week (June 2013) the address of the Brazil Consulate in Santiago has changed. It is now 6191 los militares. It is a big tall building, with no sign or anything. it is across the street from a gas station.
    It is one metro stop from Santa Lucia (I believe we got off on manteque or something like that)
    The rest of this blog info is 100% accurate! Thank you for this blog, it was my lifesaver. We arrived at 730am and were numbers 3 and 4 in line. By 9am there was definitely over 15 people in line. So get there before then. But remember this is off season traveling to Brazil so that's why the consulate wasn't as busy. Be sure you bring all your items as listed above. And the price is still 112.000 chilean pesos (225$ish) and you still have to go to the bank to deposit the money, then bring the slip back to them.
    Good news: our visas will be ready within 7 days!

  23. I plan on traveling overland, hitchiking into brazil. Can I print out a plane itinerary-summary with random flight details and take it in or do I actually need to pay for it and print out the confirmation page? thaaaanks guys n gals :=)

  24. Hi I went today to get my visa and this was very helpful. Carielliott is right that it is now at 6191 los militaries, lobby floor. I live super close to it, about 5 minutes walk, so I got there in the morning around 7am. Nobody else arrived until about 9am, but this is probably their "off season"

    To get there go to metro station Manquehue and walk down Manquehue street. It is a tall building with "6191" clearly printed on it, but like carie says, no "Consulate" sign.

    The people were very nice to me. The bank is a couple blocks away. My visa will also be ready in 7 days! Yay!

  25. Hi, I went to get my visa yesterday (a Thursday). I arrived at 8:00 and they made me wait outside the building even though there was no one else in line (they told me I could not wait in the lobby on the benches, which was unfortunate as I got rather cold). I was finally let into the Consulate at 9:15 to wait. About six other people arrived between 9:30 and 10:00. It sounds like there is no reason to come extra early at this time of year! In fact, everyone seemed rather surprised that I had arrived 2 hours early. Perhaps they have changed how many visas they process in a day? Or maybe I was just there on a random slow day.

    One detail: if you have a carnet chileno, you need to photocopy this. There is nowhere to photocopy in the Los Militares neighborhood apparently, so when I asked at the bank they offered to do it for me.

  26. I wish I could visit brazil too, I think its such a nice place. Anyway thanks for tips on getting the visa, I'm hoping someday I could get one too.

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  29. Excellent information on this thread. I am an Australian planning to travel to Brasil via Chile leaving this Saturday. The Consulate in Australia requires 20 working days to process visa applications for Brazil, so I have the following questions;
    1/ Does the 7 day processing time apply for Australians as well. Can anyone confirm this?
    2/ Are you aware of an issue to the above process if I was to arrive in Chile on the Saturday and apply for the Brazilian visa the following Monday?

  30. To Greg
    Im Aussie and waiting for the 7 days to pass, so I can confirm the 7 day wait period is applicable. I hope you have the time to apply. Definately get there early as per the above. 8am is ok. Fee for Australians was about 25,000CLP. No idea if there is an issue with #2 though, try it and see what happens. Im a resident too BTW. Just make sure that you take a copy of your Chilean immigration slip as well (as per the above in case you skipped over it).
    (PS Thanks to Lydia!!)

  31. Likewise - Thank you for this super helpful post, everything here is true, although it seems like since they changed locations everything actually went really smoothly. For what it's worth (this was Thursday a week ago), I was the only person there until the 2nd person arrived around 8:30, 3rd at 9AM and then folks started trickling in. Also, the Visa was ready in 6 days and only took a minute to pick up (I have a U.S. passport but a Chilean carnet - if you have one, make copies of it!) - hope this is helpful!

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  33. Thanks for this informative post. I gathered all my documents and photocopies as listed and the process went really smoothly. I arrived at about 8:30 in the morning and was the first person there. The concierge took my name and then made me sit outside until the consulate opened at about 9:45. By that time there were about 20 people waiting there also. I hold a Canadian passport, and the tourist visa costed me 45.500 CLP. I was add done by 10:40, and will go back to pick up the visa in 7 days.

  34. Hi Lydia. Thank you so much for this awesome post!! You're saving us so much time and frustration. I have one important question for you and/or anyone on this thread:

    What do you know about Yellow Fever vaccination requirements?

    Is the vaccine required, recommended, or not an issue at all? We have a one year old baby and don't want to have to give her the vaccine. It's a bit of a high-risk one in terms of complications for babies and young children.

    Thank you!

  35. Thanks for the post, Lydia! Seconding Stevie's post, I too would appreciate any more info about the Yellow Fever vaccination requirement. I visitied Peru for Christmas with my family which would put me within the 90 days limit.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Though I would follow up on my own question about yellow fever. I turned in my paperwork without the certificate and was approved! The backstory is that I went to Darvax (Tobalaba)before turning in my application to get a vaccine- thinking better safe than sorry- and the receptionist was extremely helpful. She told me she would gladly administer the vaccine but that I should check with the consulate first. Glad I did. Saved myself the shot and paying for the shot. All my paperwork went through smoothly in one week!

  36. It was taking nearly a month to process a visa in New York City, so I took my chances in Santiago, and glad I did. I needed my passport for travel in Brazil the following week. I went in the second week of January 2014 on a Monday, and requested that I pick it up on Friday. So only 5 days!

    I got there at 8:30am and there were 11 people in front of me. I believe 1 or 2 of them were actually there for passports, so a different line completely. First thing you do is find out where the end of the line is outside. People usually sit outside in the order in which they arrived. Then go inside to the security desk and register your name for security purposes (this is not a registration of your order in line though). Then go back outside and sit next to the person that came right before you. At around 930am, the security guards let us into the consulate. People just naturally lined up in order of their arrival and eventually, you go in and get a ticket. there were definitely more than 15 tickets given out. I want to say that about 20+ visas were processed by 1pm. Perhaps now that they are in a new location, they are able to process more visas. If you are not one of the first ones in line, you can go to the Starbucks (located in the supermarket right past the gas station) one block away and come back. You won't lose your place because of you will have your number. The latest posting above about new location and cost are accurate. I was given 10 years.

  37. Thanks so much for posting this information.

    I've just come back from the embassy and this is the new list of requirements for US Citizens:

    - Passport valid for at least 6 months prior to its expiration date and with two blank pages available for the visa stamp
    - Copy of ID page of the passport
    - Copy of the ticket or reservation with dates in and out of Brazil
    - One visa application form per applicant, filled out online. The last page with the protocol number should be printed and signed.
    - One passport photo size 5x5
    - Copy of proof of income (valid international credit card and print the balance available in us$ of the credit card, work contract or payroll)
    - Copy tourist card in Chile. If applicant is resident in Chile, copy chilean ID (both sides)
    - Yellow fever vaccination if applicant has been in endemic countries in the last three months
    - Visa fee payment (112,000 pesos) *though this you do not pay at embassy but deposit at BCI bank around corner after you've started processing visa at consulate
    - Minors: travel authorization recognized by Notary may be required
    - Additional docs may be required
    - The documents must be presented from Monday through Friday, 10-1130am
    - It will take 7 working days after submitting all legal documents for all categories of visa

    I was also told to come back at 730am and told visas stop being processed at 1130am

    Good luck!!

  38. I did this today - arrived at the consulate at 8:30 am and was first in line. NOTE - if you are going to the World Cup, the visa is FREE if you bring proof of your World Cup tickets. I hadn't found this anywhere, so instead of going to the bank, I had to go and print proof. Otherwise, all the information here was correct and extremely helpful!

  39. Another update. I went today and got there at 8:00am. There was no one else there until 9:00 when 2 others showed up. By the time the office opened at 10:00, there were maybe 6-7 people there. The guard made it very clear to everyone who arrived that there was no need to get there early, that there is now no limit on visas and that you can come anytime from 10:00-1:00. I was obviosuly first, so it was nice to get taken care of right away, but it was certainly not at all necessary. By the time I got back from the bank to pay, everyone who had been there at the beginning was gone and there were only 2 new people. Easy, but expensive process:-). Be sure to bring proof of income.

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  41. hi ,
    is it the same requirements for australians getting a brazilian visa? we will have mon till friday next week to get it - is that possible ?

  42. Wow. Thanks for posting this and keeping it updated. Really helpful. :)

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  45. Although there are Brazilian consulates in Concepcion and Valparaiso (Viña del Mar), they do NOT process visas but rather direct you to the consulate in Santiago.

  46. Hello! This post is super helpful. I thought I would post with some updated information. The price has increased to 128,000 pesos (ouch!). I arrived around 11 today and there was no one else in line, so definitely no need to worry about that anymore. I was nervous about my photo because on the website they seem to be very picky about shadows, the relative size of your face, but it was no big deal. They checked my credit card statement, my round-trip ticket, and that I had space in my passport, but weren't interested in my job contract or my itinerary. I was also nervous because I hadn't been able to upload everything to my online application but this also wasn't checked. All in all it was quite easy, and painless except the money! I have to go back in one week; another person can retrieve my passport as long as I let them know.

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