Monday, January 16, 2012

Saint Peter's Day Procession/Fiesta de San Pedro

El dia de San Pedro, patron saint of the fishermen, is June 29th, though it is celebrated in different ports along Chile every year on various days.   In Valparaiso, fisherman honor the saint, asking him to protect them and their success for the upcoming year, by carrying out a procession of small boats along the coast following a statue of St. Peter.  The boats dock at one of the piers and carry the statue along a path through the city and up towards one of the historic churches.  In this procession there are a number of cultural groups which dance and play music along the way, wearing masks and various types of colorful traditional or celebratory costumes.

I don't have any particularly interesting commentary from this year's festival, though I will leave you with a number of photos to show off some of their beautiful and interesting clothing.

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