Monday, January 16, 2012

Noches Luminosas 2011

This year a friend who lives in Cerro Concepcion let me know about a great event going on in Cerro Alegre and Concepcion.  The idea was to incourage people to go out to local venues in the evening and take a stroll around the hills.  Many of the shops and restaurants in these two hills offered special deals and decorated their windows and storefronts with displays and other light-up creations.   

I thought the idea behind the weekend was great, however there wasn't enough creativity and participation in terms of decorations.  Although one restaurant, which I wish I remembered the name of to give them credit, surpassed expectations by having musicians and performances on the balcony and in front of the store, bringing an especially lively vibe to the area.  

My favorite storefront decorations

Sharing this one for of my love for bicycles and Epif, even if they did just raise their prices... 

I hope next year's Noches Luminosas surpasses 2011's event and my expectations as well.  

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