Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Netflix letdown...

It was true, after my last post Netflix started getting in the news because they were going to, and did, start operating in Chile for online viewing. I prefer to stream rather than download, and I had other adequate movie-watching ways available and convenient until recently. Then today I got lured back into Netflix when I saw somewhere online that Police, Adjective, a movie I'd been trying to find, was on Netflix.

So I clicked over, and it turns out Netflix is, first of all, reasonably enough priced that I would consider subscribing, and more importantly, letting you do a one-month free trial!

Unfortunately, my old queue was not saved, but I spent a while getting used to the new (queue-less?) site and ranking all my preferences and favorite movies so that it would give me some good suggestions. However, when I was finally ready to get down to movie-watching, it turned out Police, Adjective was not on Netflix after all.... and neither were 66 of the 70 movies on my "to-see" list!! I do have a taste in movies skewed towards independent films, though not all 66 titles were obscure names.... in fact some of them were big names from the 2008 Oscars, etc.. stuff sufficiently heard-of and old-enough to have gotten them in the system by now.

Looks like with my new Netflix account, I won't be bored ever again. until Tuesday.

(Edit: I totally forgot to include this, but when I tried to watch one of my four available movies... the website kept making me install, reinstall, and re-reinstall some driver and I never got the online viewing to work anyway. Summary of my experience: TOTAL FAIL)


  1. Have you tried Cuevana? It has a lot of movies too. Good luck finding good ones.

  2. Indeed, it has quite a decent selection, though recently its taken a major downturn. They have switched almost all uploads to "wupload," which often requires a wait time, only to eventually tell me that I am over my monthly viewing limit. There are some other sites as well, though I find many of them similarly unstable.

    I was hopeful for netflix because I would be content to legally pay for a service which should work adequately or, if not, receive complaints and fix any problems. I suppose they could help me fix the driver problem, though the selection I've seen suits my taste back in the late 90s more than what I'd currently hope to pay for.

  3. Maybe you can try other browser to use the site; sometimes plugins don´t work the same way in Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome or Safari.
    I´ve tried Netflix but I still prefer torrents when I try to find something to my taste.
    It´s good to read from you again, I was wondering if you were still in Chile :D

  4. Thats an idea. Honestly, if I had it my way, Netflix would have an awesome selection and I would do it legally. ;-)

    I AM still in Chile, as you see. I didn't post for a long time first because, as I wrote about one of my friends died and I had a rough time with that, and then afterwards I just wanted a chance to go back through things, add labels, fix up bad links, make sure everything was appropriate. You never know when I'll become president, right?!

    Im doing lots and lots of activities and have many hobbies that were keeping me busy this year. However, I really do bring my camera along to a lot of them so I just need to make the time to get things online!

    Glad to see I still have 1 reader! jeje