Monday, January 16, 2012

Mil Tambores por la Educacion

As everyone knows, 2011 was a big year for protests about the educational system in Chile.  In August, a parade was held in support of the students' movement with the intention of joining the community together to support the movement in peaceful protest and gain some media exposure.  The name was called "Mil Tambores por la Educacion," modeled off (but not itself) the tradition of the yearly Mil Tambores parade which takes place later in the spring (2011, 2010, 2009, 2008).  However, while still comprised of many drumming groups and artists of all types, the main focus was the educational cause, and a large percentage of parade participants could be see carrying, wearing something that expressed support for the students' movement or disapproval of the current government and educational system.  

I didn't participate in this parade even though several groups I'm involved with did, because I actually had a commitment to... dance at a halftime show.  (I bet at least 10 of my readers just spit out a drink or choked).   Yes, really.

So I quickly scoped out the parade, camera in hand, before I had to go get ready.   However, opposite of everything I've ever experienced in Chile, they were running more than an hour ahead of schedule and I missed my event all together.   Go figure....    Anyway, here go the photos:

People hung out windows and balconies banging pots and pans in support.  This form of protest is called "cacerolazo."

The Escuela de Samba de Valparaiso leads the parade.  Can't have "Mil Tambores" without the tambores!

A float uses President Piñera's hilarious gaffe "Marepoto" (instead of Maremoto=tsunami, he said marepoto, poto=butt) in their message about the poor quality of the educational system. 

An artist shows of his skills with the contact ball.

Supporters painted their bodies with designs and political messages following the Mil Tambores tradition.

A girl spins some flags, known as "swing".  

Masked individuals support a message for safe and legal abortion on their underwear.  After this the crowd got mooned with a message about the quality of education in Chile. 

Hundreds of students and others supporting their cause followed with homemade signs. 


  1. Hola Lydia

    Que sorpresa!, tu blog volvio a la vida ;)

    aaaah... los mil tambores ya son tradicionales en Valpo, aun asi nunca han sido material de inspiracion suficiente como para dedicarles alguna ilustracion, por algun motivo las batucadas y todos esos ritmos me hacen sentir intranquilo, no se porque sera. No son muchode mi agrado, y soy mas partidario de hacer protesta con arte contestatario (pintura y graffitis) que con musica.

    Por mi parte, apoyo el movimiento estudiantil y por supuesto el fin al lucro de la educacion. Lastima que durante el movimiento se empezo a politizar y de ahi se fue todo a la cresta. Resultado? (casi)nada. Un par de becas locas por ahi por aca y listo! todo el mundo para la casa, contento y conforme con las soluciones parche. que lata!

    Bueno se vara en queda realmente este año, si la cosa estara brava o no.

    Me alegro que estes de vuelta con nuevas historias (y fotos), se echaban de menos. Aprovecho de desearte un feliz año nuevo y mis mejores deseos para este 2012. En fin, seguire mas atento a tus entradas de aqui en mas.


  2. I don't really like loud noises but the batucadas have been an acquired taste for me especially as I get more and more familiar with Brazilian music and culture.

    Happy New Year to you as well! Yes... I was a little MIA. But it was a really busy year, I was here but also traveled to Antofagasta, Brazil, USA, and Argentina 2x! I've been saving up the photos but writing the comments aren't as fun now that so much time has passed.

    Glad to see a few of you have noticed I'm back hahah.