Thursday, January 19, 2012

Capoeira/A great investment

Capoeira is an art form that incorporates elements of fight, dance, acrobatics, music, and history, among others.  Its roots are in Brazil, where it is believed slaves taken by the Portuguese from Africa used some of the movements in resistance against their oppressors.  Over the centuries, capoeira has developed into an inclusive art form practiced all over the world as a form of self-expression, physical training, martial art, spiritual experience, etc...

Before this was about the best I could hope for: well-timed, unobstructed, with the full subject in the shot.

I have been taking capoeira photos for years.  Most of them are just fine, as I'm mostly focused on just capturing the photo at the right moment.   However, in terms of composition I actually prefer to have the full body in the picture.  Because of the way capoeira is normally played,  I would always get someone in the way of my shot because there are people standing around the players in a circle (called a roda), or to avoid this, I would have to crouch down practically between someone's legs and it became a struggle to get both players in a shot.  I would miss many of the impressive moves as players came so close to me they were out of frame.

Anyway, I finally got a lens to solve this problem, and I've really happy about it because to me it feels it captures the whole essence of the roda a lot better.  Its easy to get the players, the musicians, those watching, etc... the whole event.

Now... See???  Players, musicians, singers... ATMOSPHERE!  yayy

Well, I'm please at least.  Except for the ugly sky and grass this day that made me want them B&W.

The only drawback is that the distortion from the viewfinder is so mind-boggling that its only a matter of time before I get kicked in the head, completely unaware that I'm so close to the action.


  1. I just learned about this 2 days ago. I met a man from Israel in town for a dance performance they are doing as part of Mil Santiago. He told me that Capoeira is his favorite and how he got his start in dance/ performing.

  2. Awesome! So it seems that capoeira might be part of the performance he did? That would be great to see... , though it appears I missed it already. Did you happen to see the performance?