Monday, January 16, 2012

Back from the dead...

Perhaps you have noticed my absence (perhaps not), but I haven't been updating much this past year.  This has been due to a) life and b) my anti-SEO motive as I wanted a chance to review and clean up the site because I didn't really want any conflicts with work.  Now, summer has come and I'm finally getting around to a number of things I've been putting off,  including publishing all my back-entries of cultural events I've been saving for a few months.   I think from now on, my blog will be geared more towards these events because they're really what I enjoy the most about living here and I've always enjoyed sharing my snapshots with the community.

One thing I typically haven't shared too much on here is my personal life and hobbies, which I tend to either downplay or not give its fair share on here.  That may or may not change.

I will be updating the overdue posts over the next day or so, please forgive the blog spam and my failure to officially invite you to attend.  I am also sorry I didn't photograph this year's Festival Teatro Container or Invasion Callejera, without a doubt one of my favorite Valparaiso festivals, run by Tuga, an acquaintance and hilariously talented mime (mentioned previously).  Oops, last year I photographed but didn't post!

Tuga in the Plaza Victoria, December 2010. 

An artistic home base for the 2011 Festival Teatro Container in the plaza Sotomayor. 

In exchange, please accept my recommendation for the upcoming Festival de las Artes, the festival which seems to have replaced Carnivales Culturales.  It'll take place the weekend of January 27th.  Be sure to check out the program if you wish to attend the performances and expositions.

P.S.  I am very sorry to perhaps be stepping on the toes (content) of other bloggers' posts, I honestly haven't kept up well recently.   If and when I do post about something you've covered leave the link in the comments so people can get back to your post as well!

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