Sunday, May 1, 2011

La quema del Judas 2011

Last Sunday I went back to Cerro El Litre to watch the Quema del Judas. Last year I went to the parade and the following event and really liked it. I would have liked to go somewhere else this time for a change in scenery, but I was running late and didn't know if I would make it anywhere else in time. Perhaps next year if I am in Valparaiso, I will check out the events in the Plaza Waddington or Parque Italia. Anyway, last year I explained the burning of Judas in more in detail (with photos) the tradition of collecting coins, putting them in an effigy of Judas, and burning him until all the coins fall and children collect them. This year I took a sequence of photos that more adequately show the process.

Although its very interesting, especially for someone who didn't grow up knowing about this tradition, personally I find it a little uncomfortable. (Aside from the obvious uneasy feeling which may come watching the portrayal of torching a human,) It's another one of many activities in Chile where I feel people really don't take much precaution to prevent accidents or keep their children from harm. Judas went swinging back and forth on a cable, launching flaming appendages towards the crowd while dripping lighter fluid and chunks of scorching hot material down among small children below as they tried to pick up the coins.

Well anyway, here are the photos, click to enlarge: