Sunday, April 24, 2011

I miss you, Netflix

I just spent two hours trying to stream something, anything, I found remotely interesting, yet all I got was a couple dozen popups, probably a new virus or two, and an unwanted radio player download. When I finally found a soundless Megavideo version of "Cyrus", I was almost desperate enough to try to lipread for 1.5 hours!

I'm a little bit depressed that I cant get Netflix in Chile. Last time I lived in the US, having Netflix was one of the best parts. Between having the 2 rentals and the online streaming, I was set.

But its not really the ease and delivery service that I appreciated most... it was the website. I liked the ease of browsing through all the titles and seeing their synopsis, and having the ability to click to add it automatically to my queue. From the queue you could reorder the movies according to priority, and it would send the next one on your list automatically. Plus many of them allowed for online streaming. A good majority of video sites are now restricting based on country location, and Chile is usually on the block list.

Unfortunately, when I moved and had to close my Netflix account, I lost access to my list of movies! Now I have trouble figuring out which movies I would like to see, and usually end up with a list of movies that wont be available to me ...forever!!! (online or for rental- forget theaters, the movies I like most rarely make Chilean theaters). And when they finally are, well, I've long lost my list.

I'm sure there are other websites that do this type of thing. Maybe I should find one of those and see if I still have a Blockbuster account.... or an online streaming site that hosts less mainstream stuff. Orrrrr....Netflix could follow me to Valpo! ;-)