Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The most popular day of my life

I never use my stat counter much. In fact, I only set it up to see if people googled weird stuff and came upon me. They do, sometimes. I am apparently a good source for everything from gringa food to linguistics to visas to river rats.

And sometimes they even google intelligent stuff and find me.

Once in a while, I find other interesting things out, for example, nobody from my home state reads my blog. Eheeemmm the blog I set up so people from home could see what I'm up to. Mission failed?

However, after a monthlong recess, I posted again. When I saw my stat counter I was worried a religious site picked up my Jesus photo, which I posted just for kicks, not because I actually wanted to get in the middle of something. But it turned out to be unrelated. My sudden popularity was actually resulting from a link to a picture of Rayita.

But hey, I finally got some Minnesotans to stop by!