Saturday, May 15, 2010

Now and Then, double take kittens

Having a second little kitten has been so enjoyable to me. We rescued both of them as tiny month old balls of fur with eye infections, about a year apart. I love seeing them play together, and watching the little one's personality develop. She's quite friendly, and I find it hilarious that she starts to purr the exact second you touch her. One thing I never expected is that she is developing a personality quite similar to that of our other cat, Daisy. Rayita is starting to behave in a similar way, seek out the same exact spots and toys, and even enjoy or hate similar things or actions.

Skimming through photos, I found it really cute to realize how similar the two of them really were as kittens (and similarities in which things I find cute enough to capture a photo of, hahah! I'm obviously not too creative, as none of these were taken intentionally to reenact the original). It only goes to show, kittens will be kittens!

(What's weird is I'm sickly pale in the summer shot and normal looking in winter...)

(Can you tell which one is post-earthquake?)

(Nothing has changed)

(Daisy has tea on her nose from cleaning her eyes)

(Basking in the sun...)

(Hiding in various cases and bags is a popular kitten pastime)

(But nothing rivals the catnap)

(Brought home and kept in a little box in attempt to not get stepped on and/or infest the house with fleas)

(Stretch out and claw something)

(I look about the same)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's supposed to be like that

I really like to bake, and have actually worked as a baker and in a very creative pastry shop, and though I unfortunately have never had much to do with the decorating process, my experiences (and years of ginger bread house designing) have left me with enough skills to fare at least decent in the bread and pastry area.

Nevertheless, every time I make brownies my suegra nicely consoles me after once again she thinks my cake has failed to rise.

"They're supposed to be like that" is often not a very convincing argument.

So you can bet I was nervous about making red velvet cake, because often my baking does not go over with people who do not like flavor experimentation or change. Cream cheese frosting and bright red batter were sure to be either a strong hit or miss in a country where the majority of pastries have a striking similarity to white bread.

First our Brazilian guests showed up just in time for the taste testing. They always like my cooking and this went down no different. They loved the uniqueness and the rich creamy frosting and wanted to take home a recipe.

Then my boyfriend's family and our various Chilean friends started showing up. We cut the cake and handed out pieces. I sensed that in general people liked it, but verbally all I heard over and over again was various versions of the observation "its red."

"Yes, it is red," I replied all night. In the end, that was the idea, so maybe I should just take it as a compliment.