Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Strategic droppings and probability

A few weeks ago I was sitting on the micro thinking about a moment in my childhood when a bird pooped in my little sister's hair. I wondered what the chances of that happening are and figured someday or another it might happen to me.

The scene:
One week later, 7am, street corner, waiting for the bus, dressed nicely for an important day. Super clean and nice looking hair.

You can only guess what's coming. And let me just tell you that it came out of NOWHERE and it was a LOT. Seriously, quantity: MASSIVE.

On the top of my head, sliding down my hair, all over my clothes, all over my hands. It took me a good second or two to realize what happened, and when I did my reaction was to laugh out loud. The event and my reaction caused many car and taxi drivers waiting at the red light to look at me with double the "crazy gringa" glances, with a little extra touch of "man, that sucks". There was way too much mess to clean up with some tissues, so I went back home to wash my hair and clothes. I don't think my boss believed my excuse for being so late.

This afternoon I was suntanning on a friend's gorgeous patio, telling her about the whole ordeal and pondering the chances of this happening, when I feel a drop of water on my chin. I wiped it off, only to realize that, yet again, it had happened, though thankfully this time it was apparently a much smaller bird.

So... What are the chances??

Gross. But my coworkers say I should have a large sum of money coming my way. Make that double.


  1. Once, on a camping trip, I had exactly one long-sleeved shirt for a week and a bird pooped on it. It was a blast. I feel your pain.

  2. Bird poop--definitely a pet peeve. Have stories, but will spare the details. ick...

  3. Que buena anecdota...

    Lo que te paso es digno de un estudio de estadisticas haha

    Espero que no retaron tanto por el retraso en la pega.

    Y creo que por lo de la plata, es cuando uno pisa algún bollo de caca de perro en la calle, aunque en tu caso es un poco distinto haha...espero que venga mucha en camino para ti :D