Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The most popular day of my life

I never use my stat counter much. In fact, I only set it up to see if people googled weird stuff and came upon me. They do, sometimes. I am apparently a good source for everything from gringa food to linguistics to visas to river rats.

And sometimes they even google intelligent stuff and find me.

Once in a while, I find other interesting things out, for example, nobody from my home state reads my blog. Eheeemmm the blog I set up so people from home could see what I'm up to. Mission failed?

However, after a monthlong recess, I posted again. When I saw my stat counter I was worried a religious site picked up my Jesus photo, which I posted just for kicks, not because I actually wanted to get in the middle of something. But it turned out to be unrelated. My sudden popularity was actually resulting from a link to a picture of Rayita.

But hey, I finally got some Minnesotans to stop by!


  1. Lo que mas me produjo gracia y "wtf" fue el "ninja nod" hahaha

    No se me ocurre en que universo alguien le interesaría encontrar informacion sobre " nod ninja".

  2. I'm back in Minnesota and I'm reading you ;)

    I find it HIlarious what people google to find me. Everything from things that I can't mention here in case your family is reading to picking your nose in public and drop kicking small animals. Hmmm....

  3. Hi Lydia,

    I'm Fabio, another expat who is now traveling and about to move to Valparaiso on the 1st of December! I will be there 2 months (to start with) and I stumbled across your blog while looking around for information and getting in touch with the expat community - that's how I got here, so this comment fits the post better :)

    The first thing I'll need to sort out will be accomodation, any room or small apt is fine as long as Internet is there! I was then wondering if you have any tip/link to share or maybe even meet once in Valparaiso!

    In case you're curious to know something more about that +1 that will join the city soon, you can see my blog www.famsterdamlife.com - I'm currently in Australia!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  4. ah my email is fabio.spazza@gmail.com!