Sunday, October 31, 2010

Quotation marks are for quotes

I know I've been away for a while, as I've been working on a couple big projects, but I'm back, and a direct quote from Jesus sounds like a way to start back up.
Sounds like something Jesus would say, but... did he?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mil Tambores 2010

This weekend was the Carnaval Mil Tambores, possibly my favorite Valparaiso events. Its pretty late and I've done nothing but celebrate, party, and do presentations and workshops for 3 days now so I dont have much time or energy to write about details, but to make up for it I included a set of photos that show some of the variety of groups that participated in the 2nd parade, which took place this morning.

On Friday there was a HUGE parade on Avenida Alemania, but I was participating in the parade with a group so I couldnt take photos at all. It was a gorgeous day and a great parade. However, at night things in the plan turned violent and people broke lots of stuff, including many windows to stores, all of the recycling and garbage containers, and even ripped out the new stoplights they put in. The news said there was around 20 million pesos worth of damage (crazy video that must've been taken before I walked by, as that area was super trashed and smelled like tear gas until at least the next afternoon). Its a shame, especially since the focus of the event is about being more conscious, friendly to the environment, etc...


speeches, music and dance on behalf of the Mapuches


micros stuck in the middle of the parade
unicycle, swing (and what was most appropriately advertised as "ribbon dancer" throughout my childhood), dance, etc...

a mime I met in Chillan this summer

samba dancers with neat costumes
Here is my post from Mil Tambores 2009, where I went as a clown and could therefore carry along my camera. They did not have as much focus this year on the bands, nor any shows in Caleta Membrillo, which was good in my opinion, though obviously it didn't do much to put a damper on the alcohol consumption and partying.