Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today at the store I ran into another gringa that recently got to Chile. I know who she is because she is living with a family I know. We checked out together and started walking home in Valparaiso; it was no sooner than when I completed the phrase,

"Everybody says the men in Chile are real gentlemen,..."

... when some man on the street gave my backside a big squeeze.


  1. thats so crazy. Ive been here for almost a month and have yet to experience anything other than catcalls. I feel sorry for the guy who tries to grab anything on me haha

  2. I can't believe that happened!! I can hardly even imagine a man having the guts to do such a thing... as Katie mentions the biggest issue I've encountered are cat calls and staring. At least we can all agree that what happened to you is out of the norm for a Chilean man, right?

  3. Just mentioning one instance, not trying to make any generalizations.
    Its happened quite a few times, but not that often in the long run

  4. I would be incited to violence. Glad you kept your cool. Today I got an "ohmygot!" to which I replied, "Sí sé, me lo dicen todo el tiempo. And then I pedaled happily away.

  5. Is that the Chilean equivalent of photoshopping your clothes off?