Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do as I do...

I wonder how my older cat Daisy really regards the newer kitten... as a sister? an adopted child? ...a roommate? ... a true intruder? hahaha

Rayita is going to be full grown soon, and she's been trying to do everything just like her role model. They follow one another around, teasing one another. Daisy has all the ideas first, then Rayita will try to copy the same thing afterwards. Bad habbits included. She even learned the same trick way to open the bathroom door. If one does it, the other must too. Rayita is still desperately trying to figure out how to get outside and how to climb on the kitchen table, because, unlike Daisy, she hasn't figured out how to get around us yet.

I think Daisy is flattered to have a little mini-me to lead around.

Can you believe she was ever once so small?


  1. They are so cute!! I want to get a second puppy to follow Zoe around!! Maybe I could even get a cat... Zoe is very friendly with anything that can walk around and play with her.

  2. this is so precious i can't handle it.

  3. I hear two cats who are strangers usually hate each other at first and then end up sleeping in a big cat heap together so they are probably family now. I'm loving the kitty pics. Adorable.