Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There's a monster in my chest

Unfortunately, halfway through my vacation I got pretty sick, fever then cough, etc. It didn't keep me entirely from enjoying my time, but it did put a huge damper on energy levels, bedtimes, and how much everybody else hated being around me. A persistent cough does that when you are sharing a room.

Anyway, many reasons adding up, I didnt bother trying to get to a doctor until I tried to go back to work and realized I wasn't getting any better. Figuring out how to work my healthcare, and the medical system at clinics in general was a pain in itself, aside from the fever and mini-migraine I suffered from as I ended up lightly tiptoing a few dozen blocks in vain attempts to find a lung specialist that would see me that same day.

I finally got in at 7pm, and, of course after the obligatory chit-chat about the location, weather, and industries of Minnesota and how much I liked being in Chile, the doctor got about to listening to my breathing. It was terrifying... he'd say "breath in" and from my lungs would come this deep vibrating snore-like noise that sent me into a coughing fit.

Some sort of severe bronchitis, he said, dry your hair and don't go barefoot. Now it hurts to cough, and feels creepy on the inside. The antibiotics give me some weird nostalgic feeling from my childhood, I must've taken something similar at some point.

Anyway, my computer part finally came in, just in time to enjoy it on my sick leave. Finally some good timing so I can catch up on everything I've missed in the past month.


  1. Feel better! I had bronchitis here once, and it sucked, especially because of the smog of Santiago. You're lucky to be on the coast! I was sick for more than a month before I went to the doctor too...I just kept thinking it was a bad cold. And I love how the doctor told you to dry your hair. Of COURSE he would say that.

  2. Hahah, this is my second bronchitis here. The first one, literally, my slip from the doctor said something like "patient doesn't wear her slippers." Not kidding. I remember I had to go to a monologue for a class before I went to the doctor, and the actor got mad at me from on stage.

    This time the slippers and changes in temperature were only side comments, luckily, instead of the claimed cause or cure. Im putting my faith in the antibiotics to treat it.

    Its not smoggy here but the smells are still aggravating me... car fresheners, smoke, cat litter, incense... ick

  3. I hope you feel better soon. My worst colds/flu illnesses have been in Chile, their bugs just seem to hit harder and turn into complications. I never get sick like that in the US. Ah, just one more thing to look forward to! I hope the game this morning and all the revelry cheered you up a little.