Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Still alive

My computer officially died while I was updating blogger about 10 days ago.

The good news is... in the end it wasn´t the computer, but rather just the power cord. The bad news is... my power cord is freaking expensive in Chile!!!! The power cables at the mall cost $70,000 pesos! I´m sure if I looked around I could probably find one at least a little bit cheaper, (really I was just looking for an excuse to window shop for boots) or maybe there even exists an imitation cord that will work, but in the end my computer is still under a protection plan and I sent away for a free replacement. That makes me happy, but for the meantime I have been quite computerless.

In other news... I´m also on vacation now, though I´ve hardly noticed because I´ve had to work 75% of my vacation days so far! This should be the last one though, from now on I entend to fully enjoy my (ugly rainy winter) vacation, possibly even by doing something fun with my Chilean tax refund, which I am quite excited about because, despite not earning much last year, the sudden deposit in my bank account still made my mind scream "free money!"

1 comment:

  1. Que bueno que sigues bien, y que tengas un buen descanso de la pega.
    El fin de semana estuve en Valparaíso, y pasamos por fuera de una "feria de pulgas" enorme, de seguro ahí podrías encontrar el repuesto de tu notebook, si llegara a fallar otra vez.
    Siempre es un día feliz, cuando Papá Estado te envía plata, hahaha, aunque a mí por lo general me ha enviado un cheque.