Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Not having second thoughts about being vegetarian....

Cholesterol Death served in a dish with a little Chilean flag on top!

Chorrillanas, which consist of fried eggs, beef and onion served over a pile of french fries, are heaven for anybody with the munchies.
Although the chorrillana at J. Cruz is the original and most famous, this nicely presented one came from Mastodonte on Esmeralda.   I personally never eat the dish, not even the fries which are usually so soggy from sitting in a pool of grease and drippy onion and egg water. However this was one of the best presented one's I've seen, so I took a picture.

Having returned to J.Cruz twice this year, both of the groups I have been with have been disappointed with their chorrillanas, considering them overpriced and not particularly good. Not to mention this is about the only thing they offer, and they don't provide ketchup or mayonnaise.   I usually order a side of french fries, which also tends to be overpriced and not particularly good.  Go anyway if you're one of those people who likes to try things just to say you did, though I would recommend you stop in to check out the atmosphere regardless.  

(Edit: I get reasonable blog traffic for google searches for "chorrillana" so I added a snapshot of the locations and addresses of these two restaurants in case somebody's trying to get there.  
J. Cruz, which feels like a little hole in the wall resaurant, is located in an alley off Condell street.  Mastodonte has a large entrance and almost appears to be a themed restaurant. It is only a few blocks away on the same street, though the name changes from Condell to Esmeralda.) 


  1. Ha ha ha! Oh I haven´t had one of those in sooooo long! I know it seems grose but it´s soooo good!!! Of course you have to be okay with gaining 5 pounds after eating one!

  2. Oh Dios mío, casi me ahogo en mi propia saliva... Las del J Cruz son una maravilla, pero esta se pasó. Tengo que ir como sea con Marmotita en mi próximo viaje a Valparaíso. Hahahah ¡no puedo parar de salivar se me hace agua la boca!

  3. WOW!!!

    que riiiiiico!!!! Hace MUCHO tiempo que no como una, principalmente porque nadie me quiere "apañar" cuando yo quiero ir. Aunque con hambre , me como una de 3 personas yo solo :D
    Las mejores, como dijo Marmo , se pueden disfrutar en el J.J. Cruz junto con buenos boleros. Me gusta también la chorrillana que sirven en el Domino en la subida Cumming, son muy ricas tambien.

    Eso si, no es muy sano comerla todos los dias xD...despues de comerse una, tienes que pasarte 1 mes en el gym XD

    Btw, I do agree, that dish is cholesterol at its best haha


  4. Holy cow that looks insane!! My hubby took me to eat my first Chorillana last year and it was delish! However, seeing the picture, all I can think is "clogged arteries!" I think it's the CA in me ... but GOOD LORD are they tasty!

  5. I know you are not a fan being veg and all, but when I make it back to Chile you might have to accompany me there. I think the meds must have given me the munchies and that looks YUMMY.

  6. Hahah yeah ... cholesterol doesnt scare me off itself much either... its the sogginess really that i;m against.

    sara... sure, ill go into any overly thematic restaurant you want, but you;d better be STARVING because im too picky to help out much hahah

  7. that dish is a killer, Chileans eat it all the time, ufffff

  8. J Cruz has an great Chorillana. Very good after a night of drinking and dancing!