Saturday, May 15, 2010

Now and Then, double take kittens

Having a second little kitten has been so enjoyable to me. We rescued both of them as tiny month old balls of fur with eye infections, about a year apart. I love seeing them play together, and watching the little one's personality develop. She's quite friendly, and I find it hilarious that she starts to purr the exact second you touch her. One thing I never expected is that she is developing a personality quite similar to that of our other cat, Daisy. Rayita is starting to behave in a similar way, seek out the same exact spots and toys, and even enjoy or hate similar things or actions.

Skimming through photos, I found it really cute to realize how similar the two of them really were as kittens (and similarities in which things I find cute enough to capture a photo of, hahah! I'm obviously not too creative, as none of these were taken intentionally to reenact the original). It only goes to show, kittens will be kittens!

(What's weird is I'm sickly pale in the summer shot and normal looking in winter...)

(Can you tell which one is post-earthquake?)

(Nothing has changed)

(Daisy has tea on her nose from cleaning her eyes)

(Basking in the sun...)

(Hiding in various cases and bags is a popular kitten pastime)

(But nothing rivals the catnap)

(Brought home and kept in a little box in attempt to not get stepped on and/or infest the house with fleas)

(Stretch out and claw something)

(I look about the same)


  1. This is almost too much cuteness to handle! I can't wait to adopt a second kitten. Now Mar (the cat I live with) sleeps at the foot of my bed ...

  2. Ahh I'm dying from all the cuteness!! How big is Rayita now? Has she grown a lot? I'm jealous you could get the catnap photos in. Charlie has some sort of sensor that knows when I'm coming towards him with a camera, even when he's asleep.

  3. Hahah, well Rachel you have to be ready to drag it around to all your travels with you afterwards. Its harder to get someone to responsibly adopt your cat than you think, and leaving it somewhere would rip your heart out.

    Rayita is like a third the size of Daisy now. She´s definitely a much bigger kitten, but still quite noticeably young. She;s 10 weeks and when she sleeps her body is probably just big enough to fit on a DVD case. Her face has taken much more of the form of an adult cat than the little baby face she had before.

    I tried the idea of progressive pictures inside the mug as time went on but (for some weird reason lol) she no longer liked being shoved inside a mug, and I never got another picture. She´s outgrown it by now.

  4. LOVE this post, and how sweet your kitties are and how much you love them. Favorite is rayita held up in the green room. They're lovely! Maybe a pic where she's behind the mug might be good enough? Cats shouldn't really be shoved in places they don't want to go (As you know). It can only end badly!

    Thanks for sharing pictures. So sweet!

  5. I love them! Sometimes I feel guilty that I never got my little man a playmate, but you make an important point. Where would they both go when I am off traveling the world? My mom is only willing to take on one cat for me! :)

  6. So freaking cute!!!!

    Hey, your blog has not been updating in my Google Reader FYI, did you change it or something?

  7. Love the pictures. They are adorable. I want one!

  8. Glad you guys all like the photos. Kittens always make for great photos I think haha.

    Kyle, ....are you sure its not because I run out of energy at like 9pm and never post? If not, Im not computery enough to have any idea why.. you did notice i changed the URL a few months back, right?