Saturday, April 10, 2010

Showing her the ropes

(Odd color adjustments so you can actually see the dark kitten)

When we first brought home Rayita (Angel demanded his naming rights... for those who don't speak Spanish her name would mean something like "Stripey" and the first syllable is pronounced like rye the grain rather than ray the beam of light), Daisy hated her!

The house was a war zone, though entirely one sided; Rayita sat weak in a plastic box, quiet and oblivious to the older cat running in circles that would hiss, growl, bite and swat at anything that came near. For days, a low grumble that had us double checking to see if it were a tremor came from the depths of Daisy's throat. It was obvious an enemy had invaded her turf.

As the days went by, Daisy stopped acting crazy and would only freak out when in close contact with Rayita. She stopped biting Angel and I just because we had the smell of the little one. She even finally dared to get close enough to take a few swats at the little kitten, a scene which, though heart-wrenching to watch as Rayita is too small to defend herself, the veterinarian recommended. So we let things play through without human intervention.

But within the past few days Daisy has calmed down and started approaching Rayita. She has seemed to recognize that a tiny little kitten can't do much harm and needs to be taken care of. When Rayita goes to eat, instead of stealing her food, Daisy takes the opportunity to give Rayita a full cleaning and brushing of her fur. She also has began to playfully pin her new sister down and almost choke her with her arms in a position that almost looks like an adorable little cat-hug! Maybe soon they will get along just fine after all!!


  1. That last pic is so cute. It looks like they have already become friends.

  2. Awwww!!! That is soooo cute!! THe last pic is adorable!!!

  3. They are getting along. Daisy wants nothing more in the world than to trap Rayita and lick her from head to toe. I'm not sure if shes trying to replace the scent with her own, or clean her because shes little, or what... but Rayita does not like being pinned to the ground and licked relentlessly. hah. which, I can understand.

    Doesn't it look like they are hugging???

  4. The last picture is very sweet! Aww, cat hugs. But I couldn't keep watching the video... I'm glad it's more harmonious now!

  5. Those sweet pictures remind me of the furry affection that´s missing in my life! When I got my kitten Evita my roommate´s cat reacted the same way as Daisy.

    I´m still getting acquainted with Valpo and would love if you could give me an insider´s perspective. I´m free after 4 most days if you´d like to meet up. Thanks!

  6. I tried bringing home a new kitty once and my old cat reacted so violently that we gave the kitty away for its own safety. I'm glad yours are finally getting along!