Monday, April 5, 2010

A dream come true

Saturday night my boyfriend and I went to a neat show with a bunch of really funny and talented performers. After the show there was a party, but as usual, I wasn't up for making it til dawn and I went home early around 2am to make pizza and watch Law and Order (SVU, of course). I conked out before my boyfriend even got home from the party, but he woke me up and asked if I'd come to the fleamarket with him the next morning, to which I said no and told him to let me sleep. [or so I was told]

That night I had a dream that we went to the fleamarket and at the end of the aisle there was a box with 4 little kittens. In my dream I hovered over the box, finally picking out a dark little kitty.

Early Sunday morning (so, noon) my boyfriend got up and was leaving the house when I asked "where are you going?" .... when he reminded me he was going to the fleamarket to buy hardware tools, my dream flashed through my head and I decided to trail along.

At the fleamarket when we got to the end of the row, I drug Angel over to the spot where the kittens were in my dream. There sat in a basket on the ground one lonely kitten. I asked how old it was, "2 months" said a mother and daughter in unison, and I willed myself away, reasoning we already had a cat, trying to ignore the omen I felt my dream had been.

We took only about two steps away when Angel goes "...why aren't we going to take it?" No thinking required, we retraced a few steps and said "OK!" But looking at the kitten more closely, I asked them "Its really 2 months old?" To which they insisted at first, then admitted "maybe a little younger" and eventually "Well, they were born on March 2, so I guess she's only a month old. There were 4 of them but someone adopted the other 3 before you got here." 4 kittens originally? I must've just overslept my cue to reenact my dream.

It disgusted me that these people were knowingly and deceptively trying to give away kittens too young to be away from the mother, claiming they were 2 months old and handing us a bag of huge hard pellet food which would've been near impossible for the kitten this little to ingest. I wanted to tell them to take her back home for a few weeks, but I knew they wouldn't. Anyway, I know I'll take good care of her and she'll probably be better off with me than some of the alternatives.

While I was dying to name her something related to the jungle, Angel has insisted on "Rayita" since the begining. So, Rayita it will be. I named the last one.

Without further ado... Meet Rayita. She's one month and 3 days old. She weighs 365 grams (12 oz) and speaks like a gremlin.

When we got home she took a nap, then I set her in this big mug to take a picture similar to the one everyone oogles at on the front of my notebook at work. (Yes, the professional look of my notebook has already been jabbed at.)

At night she could not be left alone. She meowed and meowed and devised ways to escape from various containers, boxes, clothes hampers, etc... When we finally let her have her way she climbed on the bed and slept all night on my neck. Its good someone finally got to sleep, because I sure didn't... I was so nervous I would roll over on her that I hardly got a nap in.

So much for the photoshoot, she fell asleep inside the mug!


  1. Awwww... she's so cute! And such a great story. So shocked they totally lied about her age. I guess in some ways it's better than direct abandonment...

    I wish we could have pets.

  2. Too cute. I remember finding my kittens in a pet shop in Buenos Aires- they were way too young to be away from their mother, no more than 4 weeks. They could both fit in the palm of my hand. Terrible that someone would do that...but at least they got a good home and are happy, 5 years down the line...after 8 house moves (and one of those being cross-border).

    If you throw her around and get her used to being handled, she'll enjoy strange forms of entertainment, like one of mine does.

  3. Natalie - I kind of giggled you said you're shocked they lied. Pretty soon I think youll find it common.

    Matt- hahaha i love the video. I should start training her. I tend to try to get them accustomed to being touched and bothered all over just because you never know if later they'll be in contact with kids or something that don't know how to treat cats and I wouldnt want someone to get bitten or scratched.
    This little one has a monster bite!!

    Yeah the vet says shes healthy so i hope she grows normally and travels with me like yours did!

  4. yay, new kitty! And wow on the premonition and the OMG adorable mug pictures. That's killing me. Can you take a series with the mug so we can watch her grow? So cute! (want one, but cannot have one...)

  5. haha Eileen, I read this comment last night then I had a dream that I was doing the picture series, except after four days (in my dream it was last thursday) the cat was HUGE like the size of a dog and it was the words biggest cat or something.

    She has grown just over this week! she'll still fit in the cup, but not for long. not to mention she was super tired out the first day we had her, but now she is like ADHD cat and I have serious doubts about getting shoving her in a mug. hahah
    I may try.

    Why can't you have a cat?

  6. That coffee cup shot is the cutest thing I've seen all week. Absolutely adorable!!!

  7. lydia, I'm allergic, too messy and travel too much and wouldn't have anyone to step in for kitty care. One day I'll have a more stable existence, tidier housekeeping (or a nana) and a lot of claritin, and then I could have one. I also have no place for the litterbox, it wouldn't fit in my bathroom unless it were atop the washing machine, which seems somewhat impractical. But I love seeing yours! And I hope you'll just get Rayita near the cup, not in, as she grows up, hopefully not to the size of a dog!

  8. I just saw this (forgot to transfer my Google Reader to your new blog) and ahhh, so cute!!! I don't even like cats, and that mug picture is freaking adorable. I'm glad she and Daisy are friends now.