Monday, March 22, 2010

You found me!

Sorry I couldn't put up a note somehow before I shut down, but blogger was not being flexible with what I wanted to do so I'm here starting over at a new URL. Sorry about any dead links I've caused in your archives and sidebars.

Aside from that news, I've been entirely drained recently, finding myself without the words or drive to post about everything I've been thinking about. Not to mention I've been spending all my free time doing undesirable tasks like reevaluating my healthcare options in Chile, and various other attempts to navigate through the paperwork and legalities of living in Chile.

Anyway, Welcome!


  1. Want me to change your name in my blogroll? Or do you want to remain more hidden. Welcome to your new blog!

  2. Yes (well, the name, not the address) please. No I'm not hidden, actually I'm considering letting this one be googleable... but anyway change the sidebar link if you can. Thanks!

  3. Found you!

    I hear you on the bureaucracy... I'm still having issues. Hope you get sorted soon!

    I was going to make a blogroll at some point, shall I put you on it?

  4. Haha Nat i keep thinking of you and wondering how that's going.... there are always a few bumps along the way though.

    Blogroll, sure! I realize most people who find these are looking for perspective on living in Chile and cant seem to get enough

  5. and here I thought you hade gone private and not invited me to read... glad to see you are still here!