Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Archive Imports

Just in case I'm giving a number of you a major case of Deja vu with my posting tonight... yes, you have seen those posts before. I am importing a somewhat select number of posts (and comments, untouched) over to this blog so that friends, family, and new readers can look back on some of my more memorable posts or writings and photos about important events.

So far, I've uploaded a number of topics:

Tsunami Evacuation - False alarm of a tsunami has the whole city scrambling for the hills
8.8 Earthquake - My account and photos of Valparaiso in the 2010 Earthquake
Circus Convention in Chillan - A crazy weekend of circus shows and workshops
Residence Visa Info - My account of stumbling through the permanent resident visa process
How Language affects thinking - Thoughts on language and articles
Carnaval Mil Tamblores 2009 - My participation in Valparaiso's popular carnaval
18th of September 2009 - Chile's most important holiday
On being Vegetarian - ...because the vegetarian option always includes ham
Cultural Heritage Day - photos around some of the heritage sites in Viña and Valparaiso
21st of May parade, - photos of the military in a special march
Street Performing in Chile - photos and videos of an interesting scene
Ex-Carcel - One of Valparaiso's major youth and cultural centers
Chile's large river rats - i.e. Don't swim in Estero Marga Marga ;-)
When Angel's apartment building caught on fire - a major cultural shock event for me

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