Monday, January 11, 2010

Camping, Electronic music, and Woods Circus...

I was only back in Chile for a few hours when my boyfriend announced that the next morning he would be going out of town for the next 4 days. After traveling and everything, I really didn't want to go anywhere, especially when I learned it involved sleeping in a tent. But at the same time, being back in Chile would mostly suck if the person I was most excited to finally see wouldn't be around, so I asked what the deal was.

The response I got consisted of nothing more than this: "We're going to a techno rave in the woods and everyone performing in the circus has to drop down out of the sky as elves..." and although my mind reacted "what the...?" the words that actually came out of my mouth were "I'm going along!" Because, really, that seems too bizarre to pass up.

You know when sometimes what you picture in your mind before an event was completely different than what it turned out to be? Well I was totally preparing for that. I was also preparing for the worst in a number of ways, but turned out to be pleasantly surprised. What I didn't realize was that the woods we camped in were on the edge of the ocean. Actually, I didn't realize until I woke up and saw this...

(And jumped at the chance of this for lunch!)

I also didn't expect I would get along with the other people there pretty well, which I did, nor that we'd get to do the road trip in a car (drastically changes a roadtrip), and I would pretty much get to entertain myself by making fires and taking pictures for days on end.

(obviously straining for self-entertainment)

In the end, my mental preview of the event wasn't as far off as I'd thought... as my boyfriend really did dress up as an elf and come down from a tree in the woods to do a circus show in the middle of a multi-day electronic music festival.

Now that its 2am on Monday morning- I have no idea if I'm more excited to finally sleep on a comfy bed, or get a break from the thumbing bass beat I've heard and felt non-stop since Thursday.

It'll probably be there in my dreams regardless...


Kyle said...

...and I thought my life in Chile was weird!

Marmo said...

Valparaiso people is... different.

dregonzrob said...

This has got to be the most entertaining "piece of life in Chile" post I've ever read. I might have to share this with my gringa friends back home... so that they can think Chile is even weirder than I make it out to be.
P/S - good to have you back in the Southern Cone.

lydia said...

kyle- haha...that's good right? to realize your own life might be more sane than you originally thought?
(unfortunately doesn't say much for me..)

marmo- true. very true. i'm pretty sure the techno rave in the woods was the doing of santiagiunos. ...but i guess the circus elves were a valpo thing.

dregonzrob- hahahha go for it. whenever someone asks you one of those funny "third world" questions about your life in Chile like "so do you live in huts?" you can just tell them "no, its much, much stranger than that..." and send them over here.

i feel a little lost being back in chile. partially because i'm pretty much without work at the moment and don't know what to do with myself haha.

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