Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dia del Patrimonio Cultural

Well thankfully. Blogger Vicki told me of the Dia del Patrimonio Cultural in Chile. I made sure to reroute my plans this weekend to wake up early and say goodbye to the gorgeous scenery I had been enjoying in order to make it back for a big day of palaces and museums!

You couldn't have asked for a prettier day.

Another blogger suggested people who attend write about it, so I decided to throw up some photos and my comments on the places I went to. My time was shortened immensely by the huge wait for the presidential Palace, where they made me throw out my new bottle of coke and asked for my ID, which I of course forgot (That didn't matter though, as they let me in anyway and I was the only person I noticed that had any trouble getting through security at all. Strange, also, that they asked for my Carnet and not ID or a passport in general. Most all of the visitors I saw up there were Chilean). I went home to grab it and drop off stuff to avoid future problems, of course which there were none and nobody else cared anyway.

Anyway, so here goes.
Stop 1: Presidential Palace

I started off the day heading straight to the Presidential Palace to wait in a gigantic line. Probably through a mix of getting my hopes up with such the long line and also having been drug around to one zillion houses, castles, and museums throughout my life...but the palace didn't quite live up to what I'd expected. Sure, it was pretty, and the view was great, but I guess it was just missing some special touches or details that would've really made me go "wow!" In fact, my biggest amusement was probably getting a chuckle out of the fact that the presidenta has a trampoline.

Stop 2: Palacio Brunet. The building itself was very pretty and interesting, with many details both inside and outside. There were little faces along the trim and gorgeous stained glass. They had a cool backyard and view as well, and a gorgeous stylized dining room. The line is actually not for this castle, but the Presidential Palace a few blocks away.

Stop 3: Palacio Baburizza in the Paseo Yugoslavo. I walked by this place a few times a day when I lived up the hill from it a couple years ago, and was ALWAYS curious. My favorite tree in Valparaiso was in front of it, and has since been cut down. But the palace was never open. Today they let people in the first few rooms. They were pretty void of things and seemingly threw together the exhibit last minute because cleaning supplies and such was strewn about the yard, but the building was great and I can't wait til everything is up and running again!

Stop 4: Antiguo Edificio de la Intendencia (actual Primera Zona Naval). This building is obviously gorgeous from the outside, and the inside as well had tons of little details. There wasn't too much to see though, and they told me to go to another museum to answer one of my questions (about horses. I never found the answer so I'll do more investigating) but when I got to the other museum there was such an information overload I didn't even remember to look.

Stop 5: Monumento a Los Heroes de Iquiqui. This is the huge statue in the Plaza Sotomayor. I didn't stay much because well... time was ticking and that statue is always there. It does interest me, though, in that it is SUCH an important statue, constantly guarded and well kept and everything, and nearly every other statue in Chile is pretty much ignored and all spraypainted over and whatnot. Someone in the navy brought this puzzling situation up to me.

Stop 6: Museo Naval y Maritimo. Actually, this museum was pretty great as far as museums go. There was a ton of information, a large variety of artifacts, paintings, scale modals, etc.. Truthfully, there was so much information I ended up just kind of browsing because my head was overloaded.

Stop 7: Museo Lord Cochrane. This museum has an excellent location, a pretty little house, great overlook and view, and a decent museum content of art. It also has an indoor inclosed patio like my dream house. (Ok so my last house had 2 gross indoor inclosed patios but I mean a pretty one like this one!)

Stop 8: Museum of Natural History.
I will admit that I actually have been slightly interested in entering here since Allie dissed it in a blogpost a while back. Now, Allie's review wasn't at all favorable, but I, on the contrary... love dead things in bottles!!
However, the museum of Natural History didn't fail to disappoint. I never even found that part. I think they may have closed some things off.

I arrived to see the collection of model boats (frankly, they were great and sometimes made of recyclable material, but like she said...totally irrelevant). Then on the inside there was a large display(advertisement?) of ... inflatable water rescue boats for the beach(?), and upstairs a quite decent photography exhibit of nude pregnant ladies. The building itself was also very beautiful...but as far as content I'd have to give it 1 on a scale of 10. 10 being great and 1 being WTF?


Lauren said...

Damn! I'm so disappointed! That's not at all how I imagined the preseidential palace. Half the aristocracy have nicer
'houses'. With the stone walls and turrets visible from below I'd imagined it much more etravagant and medieval-looking. But, oh yes... cracking up at the trampoline. OMG! WTF?! And Pepsi burning the back of my nostrils, thank you very much!

Lauren said...

Oh, and that dining room??! Please! Bachelet drops 3 rungs. Being a woman decorating the palace this time I expected something 'tasteful-pretty-mondern' not 'old fart laced with monastery'.

lydia said...

Haha, right? It's nice and all, but I think I expected somehow more.
Though actually, I wonder if from below you're actually looking at my Stop 2 place, Palacio Brunet..because that does actually have castle-y looking exterior lookouts. I just put up another picture of the edge overlooking Vina and maybe you'll recognize it.

Haha, actually don't you think the trampoline is one redeeming aspect of the whole place? no?
just imagine the Presidenta herself jumping on it after a meeting or something....

Lauren said...

Oh right! I see now with the additional pic! I always thought those turrets beonged to the presidential palace.

I continue being puzzled/amused by the trampoline, especially since we have a serious shortage of sports bras here for anyone with more than a b cup, and the president's not exactly the type that could get away without one.

Matt said...

Woah, that's a full day...I got to the palace at 11, saw the line and dropped into the police castle instead. That's all I managed (it's one building more than the last 2 years at least). I didn't think they'd open the Barburriza as the place is infested with termites and will probably never be reopened (and seeing as the Senate stole all the fine art from there, even if it does open there'll be nothing to see...). How long did you wait to get into the palace anyway?

Friday, May 22, 2009

21 de Mayo Desfile picture post

In the tuba's reflection from the army's instrumental band you can see a lot of little dudes in army clothes surrounded by the crowd, all distorted. Click on any picture to enlarge.

Carabineros/Police, higher ranking and in more formal gear. I quite like it.

Abanderados, first from the army wearing today's gear, and the ones behind are wearing the outfits worn back in the day... The flags are never washed.

Mr. Policeman kept getting in my way of the Air Force's banda de guerra but I kind of felt it was in the spirit of things so I just let him.

Army. Also, they're marching and saluting and seemingly looking at me in all the pictures because (I'm really good at timing the shot haha, jk...) I'm standing in front of a Chilean flagpole.

Above are the air force guys

Navy guys marching with a cool shadow

Awwwwesome navy backpack, which is mostly just a prop as its pretty impossible and impractical to use. (More like a funny with la timbia. <--- this is what I wrote as I was drifting off, then my computer shoulted at me "its 4 voclock and Ins normal eeek kl" OK it happened again. I think its time for bed. I'll be quicker on the captions)
Huaso... the Chilean cowboy

And last but not least... remember this guy!?!?! Here he is marching along with the Navy in a ridiculous USA jacket, cane in hand!!


Sara said...

Great shots! I'm sad I missed that parade. I heard about it.

Lauren said...

Bahaha!!! OMG!!! That semaforo guy cracks me up. Did you give him a coin?

PS... when are we catching up again?? Allie and I are trying to plan something for next week, wanna join us? I'll send you my cel on Facebook.

lydia said...

theres always next year
haha. no money for the old dude this time!

anytime! im usually free anyday except friday/wed. we'll organize something