Wednesday, September 9, 2009

II Encuentro Internacional de Payasos

Pop on your nose and celebrate because you've got a few days left to participate in the 2nd Encuentro Internacional de Payasos!

For the parade on Monday, I decided to sit this one out and take pictures instead of dressing up, which I later regretted because I didn't get many good ones at all. One thing I find kind of frustrating about parades in Valparaiso is that the whole crowd usually walks along with the parade, blocking and, dare I say, contaminating the view of anybody who might like to actually watch the parade. Its cool that everything is pretty open and people are welcome to join in on the festivities, but sometimes it kind of ruins the novelty of the acts, costumes, and formations of those marching through when you can't hardly pick them out among the normal people who could've at least just sucked up the $100 pesos to buy a red nose in one of the dozens of stores the parade passed that sold them. A red nose is apparently much more of a hot commodity than you'd think. But so many people jump in that pretty soon you're just looking at a mosh pit of ordinary human beings (muggles? haha) with a couple random extravagantly dressed attendees.

Here's the pololo (sporting shoulder pads!) with a guy with a sweet hand behind him.

The marching band...

Some randoms...

Tuga the mime was there, here he is crawling along.

Overall it was quite neat, but after a while I gave up trying to get pictures of anybody interesting because I could hardly find them. Among those participating I saw those mentioned before (my boyfriend and Tuga the mime), I also saw an ex-roomie of sorts as for the past few months we've had a professional payaso living with us, and Tuto, a friend who always seems to encounter the most crazy-random unitards known to man.

(exhibit A: stars)

Anyway, the encuentro actually is pretty neat and has various presentations, performances, documentaries, etc... to go to. On the website it lists what happens where and when, and there's a decent video of the parade.

Maybe for mil tambores I'll bust out a costume and join in again...


cachandochile said...

Very cool! Is this just going on in Valpo? Looks great!

Mamacita Chilena said...

That looks ridiculously cool to be a part of whether taking pictures or actually participating!

lydia said...

on wednesday night we went to a show by one of the payasos, in the payaso museum up the hill... it was quite funny in my opinion, but everyone was kind of disappointed that it was short. the show ended with a skit of him removing his makeup and costume and transforming back into a normal looking human...which i thought was really cool

anyway yeah... good times.

the festival is in a bunch of cities, but on the website it looks like they havent listed much to do in the others, or stuff thats already passed. (the last link in my post)

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