Monday, September 21, 2009

18th of September, 2009

Everything that should be there was there: excessive amounts of meat and alcohol, parties and dancing, families and friends, stomach aches and hangovers. Well, not all of those represent my personal case, but hey... I was there.

The 18th of September is about all of those things and a lot more, so I tried to fit in as much as I could! The only thing I really let myself down on is cueca dancing. Its been my goal to learn how to dance the cueca for a few years now. However, my boyfriend doesn't know how to dance the cueca and isn't interested in learning, and I'm not interested in learning just so that he can send me off dancing with old crazy drunk men. We're obviously both quite stubborn! (Truthfully, I don't even like the dance itself, or dancing in general, that much, but I would like to learn for the sake of knowledge and celebration.)

Also, I was a little bummed about missing out on the huge fondas in Viña and Valpo, because I'd gone to one in Sporting in 2006 and have since been hoping to celebrate there again. Last year we left the cities and went to a fonda in Catapilco, which wasn't much to brag about. But since my boyfriend doesn't feel like the big city fondas are quite the real thing, this year we we split our time between the coast and then the countryside, where we went to a fonda in Lo Campo, which turned out to have been quite appropriately named. Its also
possible I may have stood out a tad.

(cueca dancing)

(finishing up a cueca dance...the competition in my head named them "cutest couple,")

Aside from the celebrations, the weekend activities pretty much consisted of this:
and this...

Seriously- Chileans are BBQ fanatics! We made the rounds and over the few days ended up traveling around to 4 different houses, each of course offering us loads of meat and alochol.
Yes, In theory that's great but I'm a vegetarian and my boyfriend doesn't drink... and its common knowledge that people get a little insistent when they've had a little too much to drink (which, of course, was always the case).

As you can imagine, when necessary we found ourselves swapping glasses and plates to secretly double up on each other's weakness, him having eaten half a herd of something or other and me trying not to walk home zig-zaged.
(No worries, in general everybody was accomodating.... here's the set table featuring my fried egg vegetarian dish)

What little time of the weekend didn't involve eating was pretty much just my general routine of walking around taking pictures of cats, dogs, and cool houses.
(for example, cat and old house)
(me, as usual)


Marmo said...

Vi en las noticias que en Santiago había una fonda para vegetarianos, con versiones propias de los platos típicos, basadas en ingredientes sanos, y sin carne, y que también había una fonda libre de alcohol, hasta la chicha que tenían era inofensiva. ¡Buena suerte el próximo año.!

Sara said...

That little girl in your picture was adorable. Did she actually dance?

I also ate a lot o meat. Everybody kept giving me empanadas. As a former vegetarian it was a bit rough, but I tried to be a scout about it.

lydia said...

haha, sara- hardly. it was SO CUTE! she just stood there swinging the pañuelo in circles while her dad (i;m assuming) danced around her!!

Marmo- jaja... si se! que rico, cierto? he probado muchos platos chilenos en su version vegetariana porque vivía un tiempo con una familia chilena la cual nadie comia carne, además cocinaban muy bien.
Pero este año quieríamos pasar el 18 en lugares distintos, donde la mayoría ni siquiera conoce el vegetarianismo.
El viernes tambien estabamos mirando las noticias con una familia en llay llay y cuando empezó ese reportaje el hombre con el control remoto hizo un comentario de desaprobación y cambio el canal al tiro!

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