Friday, May 22, 2009

21 de Mayo Desfile picture post

In the tuba's reflection from the army's instrumental band you can see a lot of little dudes in army clothes surrounded by the crowd, all distorted. Click on any picture to enlarge.

Carabineros/Police, higher ranking and in more formal gear. I quite like it.

Abanderados, first from the army wearing today's gear, and the ones behind are wearing the outfits worn back in the day... The flags are never washed.

Mr. Policeman kept getting in my way of the Air Force's banda de guerra but I kind of felt it was in the spirit of things so I just let him.

Army. Also, they're marching and saluting and seemingly looking at me in all the pictures because (I'm really good at timing the shot haha, jk...) I'm standing in front of a Chilean flagpole.

Above are the air force guys

Navy guys marching with a cool shadow

Awwwwesome navy backpack, which is mostly just a prop as its pretty impossible and impractical to use. (More like a funny with la timbia. <--- this is what I wrote as I was drifting off, then my computer shoulted at me "its 4 voclock and Ins normal eeek kl" OK it happened again. I think its time for bed. I'll be quicker on the captions)
Huaso... the Chilean cowboy

And last but not least... remember this guy!?!?! Here he is marching along with the Navy in a ridiculous USA jacket, cane in hand!!


Sara said...

Great shots! I'm sad I missed that parade. I heard about it.

Lauren said...

Bahaha!!! OMG!!! That semaforo guy cracks me up. Did you give him a coin?

PS... when are we catching up again?? Allie and I are trying to plan something for next week, wanna join us? I'll send you my cel on Facebook.

lydia said...

theres always next year
haha. no money for the old dude this time!

anytime! im usually free anyday except friday/wed. we'll organize something

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